Accepting Graduate Students

Accepting Graduate Students

We are hiring graduate students for multiple projects. Please include the project name(s) in your subject line when emailing.

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The Applied Programming Languages, Software Engineering, and Education (APPLeSEEd) Lab tackles problems in software, security, and systems and cultivates computational thinking.


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CyberSP Cluster

The Cyber Security and Privacy (CyberSP) Cluster is a university-wide research cluster formed as part of the Faculty Cluster Initiative that focuses on security and privacy in cyberspace.


Paul Gazzillo is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Central Florida. He received his PhD from NYU and previously worked as a Post-Doc at Yale and a Research Scholar at Stevens Institute. His research aims to make it easier to develop safe and secure software, and it spans programming languages, security, software engineering, and systems. Projects include analysis of configurable systems, side-channel attack detection, and concurrent smart contracts. His work has been published in venues such as PLDI, ESEC/FSE, and PODC and has been recognized with a SIGPLAN Research Highlight.


March 2020
I gave a talk at LibrePlanet 2020.
Jan 2020
Congratulations to Julian Braha on his acceptance to a DAAD RISE research internship.
Jan 2020
My NSF CAREER award is now official!
Jan 2020
Alexandra Arriola and Reeder Ward have joined as undergraduate research assistants.
Jan 2020
Went on a podcast to discuss privacy considerations for consumer smart devices.
Dec 2019
Went on local news to discuss tips for consumer cybersecurity.
Oct 2019
Julian Braha, Kai Garcia, Jacob Thomas, and Connor Westcott ran our Stem Day event "What Is Inside My Computer?".

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