Sep 2018
I gave a talk on our SPLC Challenge Track paper "Localizing Configurations in Highly-Configurable Systems".
Aug 2018
Joined University of Central Florida as an assistant professor.
May 2018
I was awarded a collaborative grant from the NSF on analyzing configurable systems.
Apr 2018
I am excited to be joining UCF as an assistant professor this August!
Mar 2018
We contributed "How to add concurrency to smart contracts" to the new Distributed Computing column of the Bulletin of the EATCS.
Feb 2018
I'm excited to be on the program committee for the SPLC Challenge Track. Try solving one of the challenges!
Jan 2018
Our paper "On-the-Chain Proofs for 'Off-the-Chain' Safety" was accepted at WTSC 2018!
Jan 2018
Our SPLC challenge case, "Localizing Configurations in Highly-Configurable Systems", has been accepted!
Sep 2017
Our smart contract concurrency paper was featured on the morning blog.
Aug 2017
Slides from my talk on "Adding Concurrency to Smart Contracts" at PODC 2017 now available
Jul 2017
Slides from my ESEC FSE 2017 talk on Kmax now available.
Jul 2017
Preprint of ESEC/FSE 2017 paper on Kmax now up.
Jul 2017
I gave a talk at PODC 2017 on "Adding Concurrency to Smart Contracts".
Jun 2017
Video and slides of my PLDI 2017 talk on our timing channel static analysis work now available.
Jun 2017
My paper on Makefile analysis will appear at ESEC/FSE 2017.
Jun 2017
I gave a talk at PLDI 2017 on our timing channel static analysis paper.
Jun 2017
Gave a talk at NEPLS on our upcoming PLDI 2017 paper paper
May 2017
Our paper "Adding Concurrency to Smart Contracts" will appear at PODC 2017.
Mar 2017
Gave a talk at FOSD 2017 on "Enabling Variability-Aware Software Tools"