Open Access Publications


  • "How to Write a Great Research Paper" by Simon Peyton Jones. Essential watching for writing research papers.

  • "Politics and the English Language" by George Orwell. A critique of propaganda, it also illustrates the difference between clear, simple, honest language vs abstruse, over-wrought, abstract language. The latter style makes it hard to understand the writer's true meaning, either intentionally (propaganda) or not (poor writing).



Doing Research

Time Management and Organization


Miscellaneous Software

  • Courgette: A compression algorithm for object files that makes Chromium's updates smaller. During my internship at Google I contributed to Courgette, adding support for ELF binaries and the ARM instruction set, and documented its internals.
  • GraphicML: An intermediate language for data charting. I developed this while working at Educational Testing Service.
  • timesheet: A painless command-line time tracker I created during graduate school to see in detail what I was spending (and not spending) time on.
  • podcasts: Scripts to download podcasts from the command-line or via a cronjob.